Today we are kicking off a fun series of features introducing our new Brand Ambassadors….starting with Lacy Bennett, she is a wife, darling mama to 3, dreamer, kid chaser, adventurer, Polish speaker, nail biter, basketball player, cereal eater, journal writer, & hat hoarder.

She says, “there are many things I could say to introduce myself, but one that people find the most interesting is that I take most of the pictures I’m in by myself.”

She says, ” I remember being a new mom scrolling through my camera roll. There were hundreds of pictures of my baby and my baby with daddy, but NONE of me. Sound familiar? I decided then and there that it had to change! All I wanted was to be in the frame with them—for them to see my exhausted, happy mama eyes. So that’s where my adventures in the self-timer world began.

I’ll never forget the first picture I took by myself. I remember exactly what I was wearing and how I was feeling. I was a new mom to baby Rigg and all I wanted was to be in the frame with him. I was a sweaty, hot mess by the end of the photo trying to get a good one. I propped my iPhone camera up on my nightstand against a lamp, i was holding my 2 month old in my arms, and i set the camera countdown for 10 seconds. And I ran! AS FAST AS I COULD. It didn’t really work out for me that first time but it has been a lot of trial and error for me over the years. I think the most important thing to remember is that the picture you want, is probably not the picture you will get. They always turn out a little different than I expect, but I have learned to embrace that. These photos have turned into my very favorite memories.  My best mom advice I can give is to GET IN THE FRAME!
All that matters is that you and your children are in the frame together for you to remember and them to have one day!”

Scroll to see a few of the amazing pictures she has taken using the self timer feature on her iphone.  We are so excited to have Lacy as part of our team and can not wait to share all the  fun, bringing lots more tips for motherhood + the best products for you and your littles.

You can FOLLOW more of Lacy’s day to day over @lacy_joy + her blog


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