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Inspiring your many fun family-friendly home projects…

Today we are featuring a roundup of some favorite master bedroom must-haves….including bamboo roman shades, super on trend and at the top of our list.  We will also walk you through the process Tana Hallows [our creative director] took to pick the right shade from the shade store for her current master bedroom project.


master bedroom must haves

1. white linen headboard

2. Hampton 2 flat bamboo roman shade/ the shade store armed sconce

4. Indigo Pillow

5. black and white mudcloth pillow

6. Thompson Rug in Grey

7. work hard and be nice to people framed print

8. Aloe Vera Plant

9. Soderhamm ArmChair cover 

10. Bernard Chest   ……  similar option 1similar option 2





How she picked her roman shades from the shade store….

First, she picked the type of material she wanted. Bamboo roman shades is what she was looking for…adding some warmth to her space…she picked flat roman shades, and woven wood, they send free samples, and just to be safe we highly recommend before placing your order, pick several options to see what you like, as they do look a little different than online.   She picked from about 6 samples sent…settling on the hampton-and hampton 2 color.

Second, she decided on how they would be mounted, inside the window frame or outside…since the windows she has are framed with a 3″ wood trim she did not want to cover that up, so she chose the inside mount woven wood bamboo flat roman shade.

Third, you measure the window in 3 places and take the shortest of the three measurements, just to make sure the shade will fit in the window frame.

Fourth, pick the type of cord, and do you want the blackout liner or Privacy liner…she chose the blackout liners.

Fifth, place the order…your shades will be custom made,  allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

Her roman shades have arrived….follow her to see where she has shared the installation in her insta story highlights + progress,  and stay tuned for the final reveal as she fine tunes these last details/furniture for this awesome master bedroom space.



Happy Friday friends…enjoy all your many weekend activities and projects.  xxo



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