Hey mamas kicking off the month of march today sharing 4 tips for surviving motherhood with littles….Meet one of our new brand ambassadors  Lindsey Pedey @lindseypedey…she makes this mama gig look easy!  She’s sharing 4 tips for how she survives with newborn baby twins and a 2 year old………Lindsey is a stay at home mama of 3 under two. Jackson (20 months) and twins, Ben + Kate (1 month), living in the PNW… 5 fun facts about Lindsey:

  • When I was a little girl I either wanted to be a vet or a stay at home mama.  Looks like stay at home mama won out & I could not be happier about it, cause lets face it, I was made to be a mama.
  • I’m super passionate about photography. It gives me an outlet to be creative & just unwind. And I love that we have so many beautiful photos of the little humans we love so much.
  • Most people mispronounce our last name, Pedey. Sounds like P.D. Glad we cleared that up!
  • I think I am literally addicted to coffee. Especially now that the twins are here. Cannot do life without it.
  • Most people don’t know this, but I actually asked my husband out for our first date! 7 months later we were engaged, and 6 months after that we were married. We’ve been hitched for almost 5 years now! When ya know, ya know!

See her 4 tips below + enter to win two of her favorite products that are making her life much easier!!!

A few of her tips to survive motherhood, especially with 3 under 2…

  • Get your kiddos on a schedule & stick to it! When we had Jack I noticed he was so. much. better. when we stuck to our schedule. He didn’t get overtired, and knew what to expect throughout our day, which made him happier, and in return makes mama happy too! This is so much more important with the twins!!! If one baby gets up to eat, I wake the other to nurse too. Otherwise I would never get any sleep!
  • Find something you’re passionate about that is just for YOU & try to take an hour or two a week to do that thing. For me it’s photography. Don’t get me wrong, I live for my kids, but I needed an outlet to be Lindsey and not just mom.
  • Find other mom friends. After we had Jackson I became a hermit & lost all social skills. Recently I’ve made a few mom friends in my town via social media and I LOVE the friendships I’ve made. We have playdates once a week, and mom nights roughly once a month. It’s so fun because we all understand that #momlife and can laugh about the disasters, and also have real talks about things like homeschooling.
  • Drink all the coffee.

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The twins are sleeping through the night (except for two feeds). Right now sleep is the only thing mama wants & these two products make it possible. At least until someone gets hungry!

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