Today we are delighted to introduce you to , Elle + Quinn, the sweetest identical twin girls that have captured our hearts and we know will captures yours!  We asked their mama Kristin to share her amazing infertility story as well as her 4 must-haves that have made her life easier with twins!!

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Hi there! I’m Kristin, mom to Quinn and Elle (the @polhemustwins). My husband Adam and I had a difficult time conceiving, and our six-year infertility journey led us to IVF. It was then that we transferred the embryo that later split into identical twins after it implanted. When I was finally pregnant, I thought I was out of the woods with our struggles; but I had a very complicated pregnancy, including hyperemesis gravidarum, a stillborn fraternal triplet who passed at 20 weeks gestation, complete bedrest starting at 14 weeks due to incompetent cervix and twin-twin transfusion syndrome in Elle and Quinn. I gave birth via c-section at 32 weeks, and we were NICU parents for a few weeks before our twins could safely come home. That was the most rewarding day of all!

Elle and Quinn are our first children, and even if we had ten, I don’t think I could ever claim the ‘Mom Expert’ title. I’m always learning and I like that in the ‘mom world’ we can give each other that grace. However, through trial and error (mostly error…), I *have* learned a thing or two about being a twin mom. From feeding two babies at once, to getting them on the same sleep schedule, to transferring two infants in and out of the car at stores (not to mention the ‘double infant’ shopping cart situation), I’ve learned a great deal about survival with infant multiples. We get out and about at least every other day, because Target runs are necessary for my well-being. I look forward to sharing my tips on getting out of the house, and overcoming that initial fear in doing so!

4 of my favorite must have products that help make my life easier with twins!

If I could give one piece of advice to expecting moms, it would be summed up in one word:

Babywise! ….It’s the most valuable book I’ve ever read, because it taught me how to teach my daughters to put themselves to sleep. It’s a skill they’ll use forever, and it’s saved my sanity. Elle and Quinn have been sleeping through the night since twelve weeks; and they sleep and nap on the same schedule. People always ask us how our babies are so happy all the time; and I truly believe 90% of their joy (and mine!) is from being well-rested. I highly recommend the book!

In addition to Babywise, some products we just can’t live without right now include our Ruggish play mat (they’re so stylish and super cushy!), our Baby Brezza Formula Pro (because, hello, twins), and the Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair.



photo credit: @michellelangephoto

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