Excited to introduce today one of our new Design Experts + Brand Ambassadors Jannicke owner and creator of Tiny Little Pads…a full service children’s Interior Design Firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  They cater to design projects all over the world.

Jannicke is a mother to 2 girls with a sweet baby boy coming this May. Today we asked her to share a few of her mom tips + design tips.  As we wanted to know a couple of things she has learned as a mama as well as a few key tips for you in designing your nursery.  We love everything she had to say, especially her advice on picking the paint color for any room…..  We welcome Jannicke and look forward to lots of fun collaborations in the near future….!!!



Jannicke grew up in the countryside of Norway in a community of ony 6,000 people, her view from her childhood bedroom was that of a shipyard building fancy ships.

“I wasn’t one of those children who, at a young age, knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up.” But then, just before I started school, the pieces finally started to come together. My bedroom was up for a design overhaul and mom let me pick out everything myself…paint colors, furniture, upholstery, drapery, and lighting. The finished room came together so seamlessly.”

From that point, she knew interior design was her calling.

She completed a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design in Las Vegas (on the other side of the world), working with some of the biggest designers in the Hospitality/Casino Design Industry in Las Vegas/World Wide for 8-9 years, to end up finding the man of her dreams in Las Vegas and he happened to be from the exact same itty bitty place in Norway (but she didn’t know him…..) and marrying him….DESTINY….having two beautiful girls together (Nahla just turned 5 and Miliah is soon to turn 3) and a baby boy due in May. See image of her two girls together below….

FUN FACTS:  She is one of the inaugural Las Vegas Showcase House designers and created two pretty cool spaces for them, a custom luxury playhouse and a shared kids bedroom.  Being featured as a Showcase house designer is one of the biggest compliments in the residential industry. Her biggest honor however this far, was when she got to work with Au Fudge Camp last year, an extension to the famous kid friendly eatery in CA, Au Fudge, where Jessica Biel is one of the owners.  She has also been working as a industry specialist for Las Vegas Market providing them with blog posts focused on the Children’s Interior Industry at each market.

2 Key Design tips when creating your nursery…

1- When designing a nursery…..don’t pick the paint first. This is a classic mistake I see many parents do. Yes, I know you need to nail down a color, but it’s much easier to match a paint to your favorite bedding or the upholstery on your rocker than the other way around. Trust me;)

2- Invest in blackout window treatments in your nursery. They are more expensive, but so worth the investment. Babies do sleep better when it’s dark.



2 Tips for first time moms:

1- ALWAYS make sure to sleep when the baby is sleeping the first fee months. No matter if you are tired or not…if you can “keep up” on your rest, life as a new mom CAN get a bit easier!

2- Stock up on safe zipper onesies. That’s all you really need the first month. Changing a diaper evert two minutes, you want easy access and quick turnaround;) Especially in the middles of the night….



2 MUST HAVE Pregnancy products she can’t live without...For me it’s two products I use on my body every single day…

1- Who knew it was so hard to find a safe deo for pregnancy that actually works and has a pleasant smell?! Struggled with the same thing my last pregnancy.

2- that I use on my belly to prevent stretch marks every morning and night. I’m just a couple of months away from delivering my third baby and still not a single stretch mark in sight. Feeling blessed.


We welcome Jannicke and look forward to lots of fun collaborations in the near future….!!!

Follow along in more of her day to day with TINY LITTLE PADS via instagram here @tinylittlepads

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