Today we are chatting with Priscila editor at Babiekinsmag about her family farm renovation (folk and flora).   She just completed a 1/2 bath… a super small bathroom space but she figured out a way to make a big impact with her choice of tile, wallpaper and on trend barn door.   Her home renovation is one of our favorite projects to follow!

We really love the black scale shaped tile +bold patterned floral wallpaper finished off with a modern barn door.  Sharing the details and links below….the end result is amazing!   Excited to share more of this amazing farmhouse project with you in the future as she continues to complete each room!




Black Fish Scale Tile from Mercury Mosaics

Magnolia Mural Wallpaper Drop It Mod

Metal Framed Wall Mirror

Fuller Clear glass light Schoolhouse Electric

Barn Door Artisan Hardware

Hall Light Bellacor


If you would like to follow more of her day to day in this project…visit Priscila over @mamaandthetribe and the farmhouse @folkanflora


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