Little dream playhouse…remember we shared the cute play house-warming party from a few week ago here, our design assistant Chelsey and her Hubby recently went to work and built from scratch a fun little playhouse for their sweet charlie girl… today Chelsey is sharing the actual Plans to build it yourself + the darling details for all the inside decor!!  We envy this playhouse and wish we had a big space like hers…:)

If you’re up for a DIY this a good way to get creative! Included are the plans + a list of materials, this builds a 4×6 house, but if you have more space you could definitely modify it and build a bigger playhouse. She turned an old oak nightstand into a play kitchen painting it mint green then adding a faucet and knobs, added a few stools, DIY’d a pegboard with little pegs and turned it into charlie’s little home!  See the plan details below for the how-to + what’s inside…



Here’s what you need:

1 4×4 Post (ground rated – green treated if it comes in contact with the ground)
12  2×4 for the framing
5 1×4 for the playhouse floor
4 4’x8′ Exterior Sheathing – if you want you can just do OSB Ty-Vek and do siding, but that’s way more intense + more money.
2 4’x8′ Plywood or OSB Oriented Strand Board – for the roof
2 bundles of Asphalt shingles – or cedar shakes
6 3″x 8′ Fiber cement boards (use these for the corners, around the windows, door opening, boxes)

These hinges (I’m telling you they are the easiest, if you have a local hardware store that carries these they are cheaper for a 2 pack)

The door was made with the leftover scraps, this is the second version of the door, he built a frame with 2×2 and nailed the exterior Sheathing, then picture framed around & added the “X” with the scrap fiber cement trim pieces.

Once complete…we painted 4 coats of white exterior paint.

Here’s the plans, the plan is 4′ x 6′ foot print:

click on the floor plans to enlarge them


P-1 p-2 p-3 p-4 p-5 p-6 p-7


playhouse plans

What’s Inside:

Kitchen backsplash paper design

White basket

Faux Flowers in the window boxes

Wood stools

Childrens Apron



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