Want to design like the pros and take your  space to the next level???  Today as part of our favorite Friday 5 we are sharing 5 of our favorite wallpaper or decal looks to take your featured wall to the next level!   One of the easiest ways to take your space to the next level is to add wallpaper or decals to your featured wall.., either way they both add the perfect interest to any space.  We have used peel stick wallpaper in several of our family abode projects.  We like that it can be temporary, easy to change up or remove whenever needed.  When in doubt just add some peel stick love.

Here are a few of our favorites to inspire your next room project….

Custom Gray and White Grid Wallpaper with 4 inch squares from The Lovely Wall Co…can purchase any color or size

 at this link HERE….recently featured in our Mid Century Modern Nursery Created by Tana Hallows…see full reveal HERE.


love this Pink Bubble dots wallpaper from The Lovely Wall Co…can purchase in any color HERE


Love how the Long Lines wallpaper  from Chasing Paper added a pop for this featured wall space we collaborated on

with Ginger Parrish, Designed and completed by Tana Hallows.

Purchase this wallpaper HERE  and see more of this space HERE.


Love the  cream/charcoal Grid Wallpaper we featured in this darling little girls room from Chasing Paper…Designed

and Created by Tana Hallows    can purchase here + …see more of this room we created here

Love the option of Decals…super easy, and allow you to have the look of wallpaper for a lot LESS…only takes a few

sheets of decals to transform your space.. Love these options from the Lovely Wall Co

purchase the Matchstick Trees HERE…..or  Hollow Hand Drawn Triangles HERE.

Painted Rainbow Decals The Lovely Wall Co….can be purchased HERE

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