Happy New Year! Can you believe we are beginning another new year plus another decade?!!  The thought of this is exciting for many reasons. We look forward to a new year and all the fun things we have planned.  It’s crazy to think we have been blogging for 5 + years about the best products and decor trends for the family.  Today we are sharing 12 of the top design trends we have spotted for 2020 for your nursery or kids spaces.   Some of these favorites have been around for the past few years with no signs of changing but others became favored  just in 2019 and will continue to be popular in 2020.

Let us know your favorites from our list in the comments below….Looking forward to a fun year of inspiring + being inspired by all of you!  xxo the dn team.


1.Neutral Spaces…

These spaces are all about creating beautiful harmony,  Full of layers + textures in varying shades of one or a few colors.  Less is also more.  It can consist of adding in a few natural elements like bamboo/wicker and a plant.  Plus varying shades of one or a few colors in warm or cool tones.   Sharing a few examples below….. 

warm neutrals

@caro_kmartin Destination California 


via @42_designs

@thewarrenhaus Destination MIchigan

@katelaraine Destination Georgia

@paperandstitch Destination Georgia

cool neutrals

@eatsleepwear Destination California

Destination @clementineinteriors

2. Nursery or Kids Room design as an extension of your HOME Design.  Creates a more sophisticated space.  

we love this trend…why? It creates a more classic or timeless look, which means as your baby or child grows you won’t tire of it quickly.  Sharing a few of our favorite examples below. 

@pricelanding Destination Idaho

@anaberdesign Destination California


@foxfamilyden Destination Illinois

3. Wallpaper or Wall Murals

This trend has been going strong for a few years now, showing little signs of slowing anytime soon.  One of the main keys to making your pattern wallpaper work…is to pick neutral furniture with neutral lighting and accessories.  You can also play on the color and pattern in the wallpaper like Ashley did in the first image below.  See examples of a few spaces using this perfectly. 

Wallpaper feature wall Destination Ottawa Ontario Canada  @ashleyizsak

Neutral patterned wallpaper feature wall Destination California @southharlow

@irina_pushko Destination Sweden


@craven_haven Destination Oregon

same room updated with paint, rug and crib for a new look @craven_haven Destination Oregon….which version is your favorite???



4. Moody Walls- the dark painted wall first gained popularity for other rooms of the house, it became a big trend for kids spaces in 2019 and will continue to be popular into 2020.  

here are some of our favorites…

Destination Seattle Washington @eminacasady

Destination @graceinmagnolias

@withinthegrove Destination FLORIDA

5. Simplicity-less is more!

Minimalism is a thing, even in a nursery or kids space.    We love that it requires less all the way around, therefore less money to spend, and possibly enjoy elsewhere. Below are 4 examples that use this trend perfectly.

@classicallydunn Destination Washington

@leloboho Destination Arizona

@the.home.affair Destination United Kingdom

@thelifestyledco @kristenforgione Destination Arizona




6.  Handmade DIY—from a woven wall hanging to a handmade mobile or even a crib, handmade decor is a trend that will continue in 2020.

In the examples below, we are in love with this handmade mobile Paige Christensen made for her little boys nursery, as well as the wall hanging Leloboho made for her babies nursery.  Katie took handmade to another level having her husband make the actual crib for her babies nursery.  Either way you do it, you can make the space more meaningful by creating something for it, plus saving some money in the process.  Necessity is the mother of invention.  Either way making the space your own can be fun and empowering.

Handmade DIY mobile @paigechristensen Destination Arizona

Handmade DIY Crib by her hubby  @katelaraine Destination Georgia

@leloboho handmade DIY wall hanging Destination Arizona

DIY rainbow tutorial here @chalkfulloflove

7.  Rainbows, Rainbows, + more Rainbows…simplified, in mostly white or neutral tones. 

Rainbows have taken the nursery and kids scene by storm this past year…and we are loving it!  From wall hangings, to watercolor rainbows, to a rainbow mat.  Rainbows are on trend and so fun in a simple easy way.  Neutral colored rainbows are the trend but you can still use some bright colors like the last two examples shared below.


@kellimurray Destination San Diego California

source unknown

@amberfillerup Destination Arizona

@theknotandtile Destination Melbourne

@wonenbyes Destination Netherlands

Destination @chalkfulloflove 

@laybabylay Destination Georgia

@made.by.thu Destination Nottinghamshire


8. Hand knotted Persian rugs

We love all the vintage rugs or look alike persian rugs.  They add in a sophisticated flair for any nursery or kids space.  It works well with neutral furniture and accessories.  We also love that it creates a classic and timeless look.  Here are a few examples below of rooms we love using this trend.   Plus one of our own nurseries created by our founder @tanahallows for @danimariekrum.

@amberinteriors Destination California. 

Destination @babiease 

@tanahallows for @danimariekrum Destination Utah

@__thebakers Destination California




9.  Mid Century Modern Furniture designs are most common for Scandinavian-style homes.  However they have become a big trend with other style homes.  The simple, clean lines and natural hues are ideal for those who appreciate a minimalist aesthetic. 

This includes a blend of rich wood colors and neutral accessories…here are a few of our favorites below.

@christineyeargin by @youthfulnest Destination Colorado@amberinteriors Destination California

Destination Nursery featuring the kids West Elm Line

@tanahallows for @danimariekrum Destination Utah see full space here



10. Scandi-european style 

Focus is on clean simple lines,  Light woods, natural elements, or lighter painted furniture and or walls.   With a little bit of quirkiness.  Love the examples we found below.

@bloggaibagis Destination Sweden

@ellaandtinyt Destination Germany

@paperandstitch Destination Georgia

11. Bohemian

This style is a blend of natural elements, styled with a blend of unexpected furniture and decor. Similar to our first example below.  The second example is a mix of a few styles, adding a boho flair with the feather style wall hanging and mobiles.

@woodlandwhim Destination Denmark

@lindseypedey Destination Washington



12. Bunkrooms

The more the merrier, whether its a shared space, an extra bed for a cousin or friend.  Bunk rooms became super popular in 2019 with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.  We think everyone needs a bunk room. Slumber party anyone?

Here are a few of our favorite bunk rooms we love.

Destination Australia @joshandjenna

Destination California @amberinteriors

Destination California @salt_coastal_interiors

Destination Utah @buildwithdavies

Destination Utah @splitrockcustomhomes 

Destination Utah @robinsonhomebuilders



Carry Over Faves  from 2019,  this past year was such a great year for nursery & kids design, and we wanted to highlight some of the top decor and accessory trends that we are excited to see sticking around for 2020!

Here are our repeat offenders:

  1. Giraffe pillow, Cat Pillow, Fish Pillow or any stuffed animal friend or even adding in a pretzel shaped pillow makes their bed feel fun and quirky.
  2. Any type of Garland, pompoms, felt ball, pennants, felt shapes or felt animals…..
  3. animal heads or antlers
  4. Rainbows
  5. Moody Walls
  6. Wallpaper or Wall Mural

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