Q= Do you really need a moses basket or a bassinet for baby?

A= this is a personal choice but we have found that by having a moses basket and a bassinet you have more ease and convenience.  They both serve two different purposes.  A moses basket is more for moving baby around while sleeping.  Perhaps you want baby to be in the same room with you with whatever you are doing.  Or maybe you go to the park for a picnic or relax in the shade in your backyard and need baby to be near for a number of reasons.  A moses basket would be ideal to have in those cases.

A bassinet is a smaller version of a crib and would most likely be placed near your bed in your bedroom.  Keeping baby near during those first few months we found was super nice for a few reasons.  One- you can hear baby as needed + retrieve baby to feed during the night.   Two- its closer to return baby to their bed in the middle of the night after feeding time while you are groggy.  Thus,  keeping baby safe from potential accidents of being in your bed.  It also allows baby to get used to sleeping in their own space.  Last, it promotes better sleep for you and baby.    Less interruption.  Overall we found it to be a WIN WIN.  We recommend a bassinet during the first 3 months of baby’s life, then transition to their crib thereafter.  Linking up to a few bassinet options we are loving right not for you to shop below.

the second question we received about moses baskets was…

Q= How do I find an affordable moses basket? do they exist?

A= yes you can find a few less expensive options.  We will link them for you below.   It will depend on the style you want but the less expensive ones were not quite as sturdy-looking, however they will do the job.  🙂

See links to shop them all below.

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