Pregnancy tips from mommy to be + Beauty Fashion Blogger Vivi Brizuela

From Destination Florida….Today we are excited to share a few pregnancy tips featuring brand ambassador + mommy to be Vivi Brizuela.

Vivi says, I am a Beauty/Fashion/Lifestyle Blogger and now mommy-to-be! I have been blogging and working as a Makeup Artist for about 7 years, but my actual full time job is Applications Analyst! I have been in the IT (Information Technology) field for over 11 years now which is another one of my passions. Power to women in technology!
On my blog I share all the things I love and am passionate about.

I am so happily married to the love of my life, Eggy Trevino which is also a Blogger! Men’s Fashion/Lifestyle. We are both so excited about Parenting and have enjoyed this pregnancy experience to the max! We are so eager to meet our little one.

I was born in Argentina, raised between Cuba and Mexico. Such a mix! I get to enjoy the best of Chimichurri, Rice, Beans, and Tacos!  This is where my passion for traveling started which is something I try to do very often.

We asked her 3 questions, 

First,  share a couple of pregnancy tips that have helped you during this first pregnancy?

TIP 1:  Stretch mark prevention;
Start moisturizing your skin early on!
There are multiple moisturizing and collagen-boosting products in the market to choose from, but the most important factor is being consistent with application! At least two times a day.

TIP 2:  Water intake;
It’s so crucial!
I’ve always kind of struggled with this topic, but now I think about it as life for baby and I.  Water consumption is not only critical for a number of functions in our organism, but also to avoid having a low amniotic fluid for the baby.

Second, please share a couple of things a new pregnant mama would want to know? 

1. If you get to experience morning sickness, just know that it will go away!
My experience with it was pretty terrible, that’s the sad truth. However, it has an expiration date and you will get through it! Plus think about the greatest reward coming afterwards, you little bundle of joy!

2. Your body will go through lots of physical and emotional changes. It’s true when they say it’s like a roller coaster, so take time for yourself! It’s so nice to have a great support system around you like your spouse, family and friends. However, make time to do things you enjoy alone and love yourself even more! You are carrying a new life inside of you, it’s such a blessing and a privilege.

Third, what are some MUST HAVE products you can’t live without right now?

1.Pure almond oil to hydrate skin and prevent stretch marks.

2. Nice Pajamas, Robes, and cotton underwear.  Makes me feel so much more comfortable and cozy.

We love all of these tips for the new mamas, so excited to be sharing more baby fun with Vivi, stay tuned as she continues to prep for her sweet baby coming in JUNE…Happy Friday mamas xxo!


**You can follow Vivi’s  day to day on instagram here @vivibrizuelav  as well as her blog here 



6 thoughts on “Pregnancy tips from mommy to be + Beauty Fashion Blogger Vivi Brizuela”

    1. the main tip we learned from our pregnancies that we wish we would have known from the very first one!! even though you are eating for 2 this does not mean eat DOUBLE…haha…We found that when we focused on eating healthy and did some form of daily exercise modified as our baby grew…our delivery was better plus getting back into shape after baby……it was so much easier. We still gained the healthy amount of weight for baby but we did not gain any excess unnecessary weight!
      Drink lots of Water daily for sure like you said plus make sure you get your REST….

      Also do what is best for you and your delivery, getting an epidural is OK, we tried to do it Natural, not everyone can and we were not one of those, we went as long as we could then had the epidural. Whatever you need! xxo

  1. Any doctor will tell you nothing prevents stretch marks. It’s all genetic. If you’re going to get them, you’re going to get them, the oils and lotions won’t make a difference (and I can attest to that fact). So don’t waste your money!

    1. Understandable ? however it will minimize them as I’ve seen it firsthand ? everyone’s experience will be different! All the best Vivi in your last trimester ♥️

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